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Learn about the best home defense shotguns! Learn what their characteristics should be, which ammunition to use, and how much they cost.

Home Defense Shotguns


Shotguns feature a wide array of characteristics that make them ideal for use in defending your home from intruders, and the articles on this website will quickly bring you up to speed about them.

It can be easy to get lost when you first start looking at which home defense shotguns to buy, if any. There is a lot of information out there that can overwhelm you quickly. Some of the most common characteristics about shotguns are:

  • Barrel length
  • Ammunition type
  • Action style
  • Shotgun power
  • and more


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Clean a shotgun in under four minutes using oil and brushes.

Home Defense Shotguns Site

How to clean a shotgun with oil and brushes

Keeping your home defense shotgun clean is important to your health and safety. You want to be able to rely on your gun when you need it. Keeping your shotgun clean is an easy way to keep it in working order (it’s like changing the oil in your car engine every four or five thousand miles). This article focuses on shotgun cleaning instructions and tips.

Cleaning a shotgun is not very difficult. There are only a few primary steps. You need to clean the inside of the action where the shells are loaded and fired. You can do this with a toothbrush and a clean cloth. The toothbrush is used to scrape off particles and residue without damaging the parts. The cloth wipes away fine debris.

Put a thin layer of oil on the cloth as you clean so that you can coat the metals. This will make your gun resistant to penetration by “contaminants” such as water which can cause your gun metal to rust.

You need to clean the barrel with a brush. You can use traditional brushes that are like canon ram-rods, or you can purchase a bore snake. The bore snake is a series of different brushes with a long piece of strong twine pulled through them. You drop the weighted-end of the twine through the loading chamber and then pull it through the barrel. The different brush types clean the barrel as you pull the bore snake through.

Here’s a video of a guy cleaning a shotgun in under four minutes using oil, brushes, and cloth. It’s educational. But take special note of what he says at the end:

Don’t mix solvents and oil!

If you use a gun cleaning solvent to break down any residue, such as powder marks, be sure to completely clean the solvent off before you apply your oil. The solvent will dramatically reduce the ability of the oil to protect your gun from the environment.


Drones at home raise fear of surveillance society

They’re arming themselves, so why don’t you before they take your right away?

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“Thousands of drones patrolling U.S. skies?

Predictions that multitudes of unmanned aircraft could be flying here within a decade are raising the specter of a “surveillance society” in which no home or backyard would be off limits to prying eyes overhead. Law enforcement, oil companies, farmers, real estate agents and many others have seen the technology that was pioneered on battlefields, and they are eager to put it to use.”

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Police SWAT Team Tests FAB Defense Weapon Accessories Designed to…

This Remington 870 shotgun is equipped with FAB DEFENSE accessories that transform it into a more easily controlled, higher-performance modern tactical weapon.

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Home Defense Shotguns – What are the most important qualities of a good home defense shotgun?

When looking for home defense shotguns, it is important not to get too lost in the details. There are just a handful of qualities that you need to consider for this special kind of gun because just a handful of qualities make the best home defense shotgun. In fact, the shotgun is widely considered the best gun for home defense — period.


One is stopping power. How powerful is the shotgun? How powerful do you want it to be? Weaker shotguns will have less kick (recoil) when you fire them, but they will also do less damage. The reverse is true — more powerful shotguns have greater kick but are much more likely to stop a criminal in their tracks.

The measure of a shotgun’s power, or caliber, is denoted by its “gauge.” The two most commonly-used calibers of shotguns for home defense are the 20-gauge and the 12-gauge.

The 20-gauge shotgun generates less stopping power than the 12-gauge, but it can be an ideal weapon for a smaller-framed person or a woman. It will produce less kick, and though the shot will be less powerful than a 12-gauge it can still do significant damage to the target. The 12-gauge shotgun is the most common choice for those who are less averse to risk — it’s for people who want to obliterate their target and are willing to withstand the stronger kick to ensure this. An additional benefit of the 12-gauge shotgun is that an indirect hit is more likely to do more damage than an indirect hit from a 20-gauge.

This might make all of the difference during the moments immediately after the home invasion begins and you are caught by surprise. If you aim, fire, miss, but get close, a fringe pellet from a 12-gauge will do more damage than that of a 20-gauge.

If you want the added power of the 12 gauge home defense shotgun but prefer less kick, consider buying reduced-recoil loads. You can preserve your stopping-power but reduce the pain you experience from the kick.

Home Defense Shotguns – What kind of ammunition should you buy for your home defense shotgun?

It’s commonly asked what kinds of ammunition go best with home defense shotguns and make the best home defense shotgun shells. Your choice has important implications for the outcome of any home invasion attempt you may encounter.

Shotgun shells incapacitate their target by crushing the material the target is made of. Think for a moment of a wrecking ball. When demolishing a building, a crane swings a wrecking ball out and then into the building — the wrecking ball smashes the surface that it hits and penetrates into the building, destroying any inner surfaces or columns it comes into contact with until its momentum and energy have been fully dissipated into the target.


A shotgun shell is typically loaded with small, circular pellets. When the shotgun’s trigger is pulled, the firing pin is released and swings into the metallic base of the shotgun shell. This ignites the gunpowder stored inside the base, creating an explosive force that propels the pellets inside the shell outward and down the shotgun’s barrel.

There are three primary kinds of shotgun rounds:

1)      Birdshot

2)      Buckshot

3)      Slugs

Bird-shot rounds are used, obviously, for types of bird hunting. The pellets are optimized to reach a target that’s far away (approximately 30 yards away, or 90 feet) but that still will maintain enough force to kill it without utterly destroying it. Birdshot is commonly called just “shot” or “number-nine shot”. “Nine” refers to the size of the pellet — we’ll return to that shortly.

Buckshot is used for hunting big-game prey, such as deer. It’s also commonly used for defense and assault by police and the military. It’s a favorite for home defense shotguns. Buckshot pellets are larger than birdshot pellets. Some of the most-used shells are the 00 buckshot (pronounced “double-aught buckshot”). This also refers to the size of the pellet. Smaller numbers refer to bigger pellets. For example, 0 buckshot pellets are smaller than 00 buckshot pellets, and 000 buckshot pellets are larger than 00 buckshot pellets.

How much do good home defense shotguns cost?

Price is an important factor when buying home defense shotguns. After all, if you are not a gun enthusiast then you may not be so interested in paying top-dollar for special features. Or, maybe you are interested in paying top dollar to ensure quality so that you buy a shotgun that will always work — something you can always depend on.

The good news is that you can get a reliable home defense shotgun for approximately $300.

The two most common candidates that make the best shotguns for home defense are the Mossberg 500 and the Remington 870.


A six-shot 12-gauge, pump-action Mossberg 500 shotgun with an 18.5-inch barrel can typically be purchased (NEW) for $299 at retail. At this price they typically come with extras, such as a changeable pistol-grip stock included in the box. This is a standard, black shotgun with a synthetic stock and synthetic forearm (pump). It is one of the most reliable shotguns money can buy. The commercial Mossberg 500s are duplicates of the same shotgun that passed stringent military standards.

Six-Shot Mossberg 500 with 18.5 inch barrel

Six-Shot Mossberg 500 with 18.5 inch barrel

There are many, many videos of satisfied owners firing their Mossberg 500s on youTube. Do a search to find plenty of examples. Their testimonies will sell the gun. Though not its official title, unofficially you might call it the Mossberg 500 home defense shotgun.

The Remington 870 boasts of being the official shotgun in active use by the US Armed Forces. It is similar to the Mossberg 500, and the fact that it is trusted by the US Military lets you know that they are indeed dependable firearms. The twin to the Mossberg 500 mentioned previously, a five-shot 12-gauge, pump-action shotgun with an 18-inch barrel can typically be found at retail (NEW) for around $335.

Seven-shot Remington 870 with 20-inch barrel

Seven-shot Remington 870 with 20-inch barrel

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For 2009, Remington announces a new ammunition product designed to enhance the effectiveness of your shotgun in a home defense scenario.

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