Clean a shotgun in under four minutes using oil and brushes.

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How to clean a shotgun with oil and brushes

Keeping your home defense shotgun clean is important to your health and safety. You want to be able to rely on your gun when you need it. Keeping your shotgun clean is an easy way to keep it in working order (it’s like changing the oil in your car engine every four or five thousand miles). This article focuses on shotgun cleaning instructions and tips.

Cleaning a shotgun is not very difficult. There are only a few primary steps. You need to clean the inside of the action where the shells are loaded and fired. You can do this with a toothbrush and a clean cloth. The toothbrush is used to scrape off particles and residue without damaging the parts. The cloth wipes away fine debris.

Put a thin layer of oil on the cloth as you clean so that you can coat the metals. This will make your gun resistant to penetration by “contaminants” such as water which can cause your gun metal to rust.

You need to clean the barrel with a brush. You can use traditional brushes that are like canon ram-rods, or you can purchase a bore snake. The bore snake is a series of different brushes with a long piece of strong twine pulled through them. You drop the weighted-end of the twine through the loading chamber and then pull it through the barrel. The different brush types clean the barrel as you pull the bore snake through.

Here’s a video of a guy cleaning a shotgun in under four minutes using oil, brushes, and cloth. It’s educational. But take special note of what he says at the end:

Don’t mix solvents and oil!

If you use a gun cleaning solvent to break down any residue, such as powder marks, be sure to completely clean the solvent off before you apply your oil. The solvent will dramatically reduce the ability of the oil to protect your gun from the environment.


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